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We embrace the principles of policy governance as the best means to infuse our organizational structure with spiritual meaning and purpose. The Christian Renewal New Orleans board establishes boundaries, aligns mission, defines outcomes, and appoints team leaders. The board delegates responsibility and authority to teams who are free to discern opportunities, design and implement projects, acquire and train volunteers, and evaluate success within the policies of the board. Important principles of our governance include:

Principle 1: The Christian Renewal New Orleans board shapes policies as an extension of its core values, faith convictions, motivating vision, and strategic purpose. These policies define outcomes, methods, and executive limitations that are incumbent on all teams and staff (in the event staff are hired) and activities of Christian Renewal New Orleans.

Principle 2: The Christian Renewal New Orleans board aligns the organization to the vision by carefully defining the measurable outcomes (ends policies) that are the reason for the organization’s existence. These goals or purposes are fulfilled by designated teams that are accountable for mission results to the board.

Principle 3: The Christian Renewal New Orleans board functions in spiritual community with local Christian leaders, congregations, and organizations  who prayerfully support the vision to empower innovative Christian communities in New Orleans. We value their insight, advice, and faith traditions.

Principle 4: The Christian Renewal New Orleans board welcomes vigorous discussion among directors, but the entire board stands united behind board decisions. Once decisions are made, every director publicly supports and sacrificially works for a common goal.

Principle 5: The Christian Renewal New Orleans board resists micro-management. The board delegates authority and responsibility to accomplish organizational ends.  Delegation of responsibilities may be to staff (in the event staff are hired) and to team leaders.  Team leaders have real power to acquire, train, evaluate and dismiss team members. Teams primarily connect with the board to ensure alignment with mission, resolve problems, obtain resources, and coordinate activities.

Principle 6: The Christian Renewal New Orleans mandates teams to accomplish the goals of the board by defining mission results, embedding decision-making habits, and establishing boundaries for action. The board empowers teams to develop their own tactics, within limitations defined by the board, to get mission results.  The same is true if staff are eventually hired to accomplish particular ends.

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